branding / graphic design

STRUTTURA is group of media artists currently located in Moscow. Their main activities are generative installations, motion design,architectural and object mapping. STRUTTURA also design fashion shows and shoot fashion video
for young fashion designers in Moscow.

The main line of company activity is mapping, when static objects and structures are changing their habitual structure and even become alive by using a light projection. Therefore, the basis of identity is a light metaphor and the illusion of changes in the usual plane of the carrier by means of light.


3D-illustrations, executed in "depth map", take an important role in the Identity. Depth map is a way to display objects in 3D-software,
which shows the distance of the object from the light source.


Art direction & design - Vladimir Ayuev
Animation: design & editing - Kir Khachaturov
Animation & sound design - Konstantin Novikov
Special thanks to Roma Lazarev

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